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CINDESUS volunteering

CINDESUS volunteering was born as a need for graduates of environmental careers to provide an altruistic service in favor of the recovery of natural systems, as well as to generate necessary skills for their professional life, CINDESUS offers them the space to manage events and it provides them with the technological, logistical and academic tools to achieve their goals.

Therefore, CINDESUS creates the following lines of action for its volunteers.



Lines of investigation:
Water and sustainable development.
Soil and sustainable development.
Biodiversity and recovery of ecosystems.
Planning and environmental management.
Alternative energies
Business management and green business.
Modeling of complex systems.
Sociology of sustainable development.
Air quality and climate change.
Risk management.


Support for ecosystem recovery activities

Community projects
Basin cleaning and care
Natural resource management projects
Sowing and planting of flora in danger of extinction
Ecological complementation of cities  
   home gardens  
   waste management


Education in sustainable development theory

TDS education lines:
TDS education for children and youth 
Education in TDS for higher education
TDS education for companies
In-depth courses or continuing education.


 Independent volunteer activities

All other activities that volunteers propose or that they carry out independently with their communities


Support in the management of the sustainable development of companies

Management lines:
Environmental diagnosis of alternatives
Environmental management planning 
Environmental monitoring
Environmental impact assessments
Occupational health
Environmental compliance reports

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