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Nature scientific tourism with purpose  research in the Páramo de Guerrero municipality of Zipaquirá

The project  seeks to achieve sustainable development  of the strategic ecosystem  paramo  of Guerrero in the municipality of Zipaquirá, with active work by the community to change the use of the land by proposing ecotourism alternatives.   


The community is the component  most valuable part of the project because  transmit their knowledge of the ecosystem  to tourists and  research center , the research center for its part, pays back by providing them with knowledge and tools  that allow  attain  the sustainable development of the community and the ecosystem.

The tourists also  to contribute the financial resource of the project, they help in the task of collecting  of plant material for the reforestation of the places that they want to recover from the páramo and collaborate with the collection of information for the investigations.


The end  is to achieve the recovery of the largest amount of area  possible in the páramo of Guerrero, gradually changing the use of the land for activities that do not generate a significant impact on the ecosystem.

Members:  Carlos Lopez   

                   Heidi Suarez

Peter Laiton

Ricardo Amaya

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