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Authorization for Treatment of Personal Information


In accordance with the Personal Data Treatment Policy provided by Law 1581 of 2012, Cindesus – Research Center for Sustainable Development informs you that the collection and treatment of data (that when subscribing to our page and registering in our database or when enrolling in any of our virtual or face-to-face courses, WhatsApp groups, recording of synchronous meetings, photographic records and personal data) derived from the registration actions that you will carry out, require your authorization so that freely, prior, expressly, voluntarily, and duly informed, you allow the handling and treatment of said information.

Likewise, CINDESUS – Research Center for Sustainable Development will treat and use your personal data solely for academic purposes and or disclosure of CINDESUS information, for which you, as a user of the training actions offered, have the right to withdraw in the moment you consider it so and to know who will treat said information, so that you can request to be deleted from our databases, from the platform and removed from any record where you appear and do not wish to be contacted again.

Next, we relate the link with which you can access the data protection policy of CINDESUS- Research Center for Sustainable Development: Go to the Link

Taking into account the foregoing, and before starting the registration on the CINDESUS website or your registration process for our courses, it is  mandatory compliance  Authorize the processing of your personal data. 

In accordance with the information provided above, do you accept that you have read and give your authorization for CINDESUS – Research Center for Sustainable Development to collect and process your personal information in accordance with the Personal Data Processing Policy provided by the Law 1581 of 2012 and the aforementioned?

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