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Ecosystem recovery program in Arbeláez, Cundinamarca.

In a joint effort of the community, the Secretary of Agriculture, the tourism groups for bird watching and CINDESUS in the municipality of Arbeláez, the reduction in the number of sightings and number of bird species in it has been identified. 

For this reason, it is necessary to implement plans and programs that have an impact on the recovery of the avifauna of the municipality, based on the ecosystem recovery of the forests.  high Andean

Therefore, the ecosystem recovery program of the forests in the municipality of Arbeláez begins from the collection of seeds and plant material that allows the planting of native trees of the territory.


The Research Center will provide the technical knowledge to achieve ecosystem recovery and reforestation of farms that want to be part of the program. Additionally, sustainable systems will be designed that allow the production of organic food through permaculture and the implementation of  silvopastoral systems that allow improving the sustainability of the peasant community.

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In the future, it is expected that the municipality will consolidate itself as a pillar of scientific research to be a promoter  of innovation in sustainability issues and as a laboratory for the collection of valuable information that will allow improving agricultural processes, having an impact on the sustainable development of the municipality and seeking replicability in other scenarios at the national level.


Some of the project objectives are:

  • Recover ecosystems in the territory to increase the richness and abundance of bird species.

  • Improve community relations with tourism groups in the municipality to create synergies that allow an acceleration in  the recovery of ecosystems.

  • Improve the resilience of peasant communities to anthropogenic climate change.

  • Strengthen environmental research and education in the schools of the municipality.

  • Strengthen alliances between colleges and universities for research and innovation in agricultural processes and nature tourism.

  • Increase the forest area in the municipality.

  • Help in the recovery of water sources affected by human intervention.

  • Allow the recovery of the high Andean forest as a carbon sink.

  • Improve the uses and dynamics of land in the municipality.

  • Improvement for activities that do not generate a significant impact on the ecosystem.

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Members:  Alianza Cindesus ASOAVITUR, with the help of the Ministry of Agriculture of  Arbelaez


Related Sustainable Development Goals:

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