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Tree Project
self-sustaining farm and ecosystem recovery.

The project seeks the sustainable development of the high Andean forest ecosystem  in the municipality of Manta, with an active work of the  private company and Cindesus to change land use by proposing alternatives for agricultural production.  


The Research Center will provide the technical knowledge to achieve ecosystem recovery and reforestation of the largest amount of area on the farm, for this activities are carried out: seed collection, germination of native species and tree planting. On the other hand, sustainable systems will be designed that allow the production of organic food through permaculture and the implementation of a silvopastoral system.

The farm will serve as a laboratory for the collection of valuable information that will allow research to be carried out with a view to improving agricultural processes, having repercussions on the sustainable development of the municipality and seeking to achieve its replicability in other scenarios at the national level.


Allowing the recovery of the high Andean forest as a carbon sink is one of the purposes of the project, gradually changing the use of the land for activities that do not generate a significant impact on the ecosystem.

Members:  Sandra Arciniegas  

           Ricardo Amaya

Related Sustainable Development Goals:

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