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Evaluation of the removal efficiency of contaminants in wastewater by a consortium  of microalgae isolated from the Gualí wetland

Wastewater is a pollutant that increases in volume every day mainly due to the growth of the world population, this pollution mainly affects the generation of diseases, the loss of ecosystem services of rivers and the death of species in rivers and seas. .

The project seeks to evaluate the efficiency of contaminant removal in domestic wastewater from treatment with a consortium of microalgae isolated from the Gualí wetland, in the city of Bogotá, Colombia.  


This study is necessary to establish the potential of Colombian microbial biodiversity and its application in biotechnology to in turn solve the problems of anthropogenic contamination of surface waters and improve the metabolism of cities.


The purpose is to propose alternatives in wastewater treatment systems to improve sustainability by reducing treatment times and volumes.

Investigator:  Edson Ricardo Amaya  


Related Sustainable Development Goals:

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