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Sustainability of the El Salitre phase 2 WWTP evaluated with emergy in dynamic models.
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Municipal wastewater treatment plants play an important role in the decontamination of water bodies, however, they produce large amounts of sludge, atmospheric emissions and expenditure of financial resources in the addition of coagulants and flocculants for their treatment. (Dong et al., 2017) .


Therefore, a dynamic simulation model was proposed to explain the organic matter removal process expressed as emergy and determine the sustainability of the El Salitre treatment plant (WWTP) phase 2- Bogotá DC, Colombia, over time.


This study is necessary to analyze the processes and operations of the wastewater treatment systems, allowing the identification of the emergy flows that must be improved or recalibrated to maximize the ecological, social and environmental benefit.


This tool will allow better decision-making, impacting the formulation of government policies that require the improvement of treatment processes and with it the flow of energy in cities.

Researchers:  Edson Ricardo Amaya


Related Sustainable Development Goals:

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