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About Cindesus

The Research Center for sustainable development CINDESUS is a non-profit civil corporation linked to the  Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (Minciencias) . The Research Center was created in 2020 to investigate the pillars of sustainable development: natural systems, social and economic components and their interrelation, as a mechanism to propose solutions to the current problems of the planet, having an impact on improving the quality of life of its inhabitants and recover the natural and economic system.


As part of its functions, the Research Center is responsible for conducting scientific research on sustainability. Likewise, at cindesus we seek to analyze socio-ecological systems and their administration, seeking to improve people's quality of life, financed with social donations that allow us to carry out research, environmental recovery and social aid projects.  

Our work is mainly focused on the recovery of the natural system and support for vulnerable communities in the face of threats caused by climate change. On the other hand, Colombia is our main field of action, with a group of teachers and researchers in the area of sustainable development, environmental engineering and sociology.  

This mission is key because it will provide essential services such as: Support for human capital in knowledge, technological innovation, the generation of new analysis tools, modeling and simulating scenarios that allow analyzing alternatives for change and improvement. 

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